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Should All school information be bilingual Why or why not Assignment

Should All school information be bilingual Why or why not - Assignment Example This smaller population might feel slighted if the same information automatically available in Spanish is not available in their languages. Then there are places such as San Francisco. Would it not be a waste to have educational materials in Spanish? This question, then poses a deeper more subtle question. Should the United States have English as an official language and Spanish as the official second language? This is an unpleasant subject where lines are deeply divided. Some argue by having a National language, public education will be more effective and it will encourage aggressive English competence. This is not supported by any evidence. Statistics in fact confirm the opposite, if students are taught in ELL classes and sheltered English Immersion; they have more self respect, higher graduation rates, and a better standard of living, which ultimately benefits the United States. Personally, I feel the U.S. should have two languages, and that Spanish should be the second language. I feel that every student should be taught Spanish beginning in kindergarten. This will not solve the problem for the smaller diverse population nor will it solve the issues of cities such as San Francisco, but the Hispanic culture has long a stalwart presence in the United States and it is about time they were recognized for the significant contributions they have made. Supporters of bilingualism argue if there are other languages, there would be greater equal rights, social justice, and understanding of diversity. This would carry on the traditions which our forefathers intended our country to be; a place where people go for refuge and a better life. The argument against schools having information placed in another language is often heard with statements such as this, "If they are in our country they should learn our language, customs, traditions, idiomatic terms, and non-verbal communication. This way we all share a common ground. We should not have to speak

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Diversity Organizations Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Diversity Organizations Worksheet Essay What has been the status of women in the United States throughout history? Throughout history women have been seen as less than to men. It has been rough on the women coming from minority groups because not only are they looked down on because of the group they are associated with but they are also women. For example, in the black community during the civil rights movement when blacks could not vote, and when they finally were allowed to vote, the women still could not. There has also been situations within the workforce when women could do a â€Å"manly job† but according to society they were not capable. †¢What is the status of women in the U.S. today? The status of women in the U.S. today has improved a lot. According to The State of Women in America, â€Å"women made up only about one-third of the workforce in 1969, women today make up almost half of all workers in the United States. Women are also stepping up to lead the country; a record number of women ran for public office in 2012, and a record-high percentage of women are serving in Congress.† Women today feel more apart, rather than an outcast. It is also clear to see that America is going to start to see changes with leaders of the country. Women are also paid equally to men according to their qualifications for the nature of the job. †¢What are some examples of concepts or constructions of masculinity and femininity that you see in society and in media? With media today, masculine males are seen as military men, or law enforcement officers, also most athletic figures. Men are shown to not to have emotion or care about women’s are also portrayed to not care that much about their physical appearance. A man sitting back watching his favorite sports team and drinking beer on his favorite couch, while his wife is in the kitchen cooking and cleaning , as well as taking care of the children. Feminine in the media today is coming off as a petite, big breasted, and a fit is seen on the famous lingerie commercials as well in movies associated with tough guys and fast cars. These commercials and movies give society a view that women should be a certain size and carry themselves a specific way. †¢Historically, what has been the social status of GLBT people? Historically, the social status of GLBT people has been very rough. It was hard for these individuals come out of the closet and be who they really are in front of the public eye. GLBT people have been discriminated against almost as much as African Americans. For example men who had a more feminine side could not show that because they feared that they may be beaten, or set aside from the rest of the men. These individuals believe because they live the way they choose they are unable to find jobs because companies would be ashamed to have them working for their company unless the owner is gay themselves. There has been a lot of changes throughout history to ensure that all Americans are being treated equal. †¢What is the status of GLBT people in the U.S. today? GLBT people in the U.S. today are beginning to experience a lot more equality. What this means is they are now starting to be allowed to marry one another. They are receiving a lot more protection in places like prisons, or jails. The overall awareness for these individuals has increased. Media has allowed for them to tell their stories, and there are some television shows about their lifestyles as well. Media has probably the largest impact in today’s society, so the fact that media is now coming around to promote the awareness is definitely a plus for GLBT people. †¢What are some social and political issues relevant to women and GLBT people in the U.S.? The social and political issues that surround this is that the women are becoming more lavish in today’s politics, and they are very tough within our political system. Hilary Clinton is a strong female in politics and has made a name for herself. There are many other women that have strong traits and similarities in politics just as Mrs. Clinton does and these women are just as valuable as the men are. GLBT people have also made a very recognizable name for themselves by using as many avenues as possible to strengthen their movement for equality. The media has been a big influence for these individuals and it is constantly on the rise. Gay marriage has been a big update on news channels all across America and is spreading like a rapid fire. This has given them the ability to come out and be who they are and not worry too much about what others have to say about them. There is still along path ahead of both women and the GLBT community but they are well on their way.

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things fall apart :: essays research papers

How many different ways can one man evolve? Will he be the man that he wants to be or will he be the man that he fears most? These are some of the questions that would have to be asked when talking about the novel Things Fall Apart by Chunia Achebe. The main character  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Okonkwo starts this novel out by letting us know about how much he hates his father and that he will do anything to be the complete opposite. But by the end of the novel we will find out just how much he is like his father whether he likes it or not.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Early on in the novel Oknokwo states his great dislike for his father because he is a lazy man that likes to depend on others and has a serous drinking problem. Because of this dislike for his father and the way his father chooses to live his life he decides to become the complete opposite of him. So to do so Okonkwo becomes a fierce wrestler and the greatest in the nine surrounding clans. So this gives him a great start in life even though that his father got him off on a bad foot and gave him much respect among all the villagers.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Then we start to learn about the violent temper that Okonkwo has. Everyone wasn’t scared of him they just respected him because of his wrestling capabilities. Until the incident occurred during Peace Week. During this time there was to be no violence among anyone in the villages. At all. But Okonkwo beat his wife badly because of one minor thing. She cut some leaves off of the banana tree to cook his food in to make it taste better.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Then one day Okonkwo accidentally shot and killed a young boy in his village. For most villagers that would have meant death but for a high ranking Okonkwo it meant seven years of exile. This sounds bad and, is pretty bad but this is probable the best thing for him. This thought him to think before he acts upon his anger. During Okonkwo’s time in exile many things changed in the village, the mercenaries came and converted many of the villagers and built churches. So when Okonkwo was released from exile this patients that he acquired was probably the best thing for when he arrived or he probably would have been killed immediately.

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Merits and Demerits of cell phones

When the Laptop is in Battery mode, connect the external USB device which are essential and remove them immediately after use, otherwise these devices will draw power from Laptop. 4. Always remove Charger/adapter from Main when the Laptop is not in use. 5. Delete unwanted files then and there otherwise it may occupy more space. 6. Whenever external storage device is required to be used, please scan before use. 7. Clean the Laptop monitor every day using soft cloth. And not by fingers. Clean the eye board using paint brush. 8. Always lift or hold the Laptop with both the hands. Handle carefully. 9. Keep the Laptop in the bag provided when pot use. 10.Keep the Laptop with proper ventilation 11. Place the Laptop in plain and smooth surface while using. 12. Insert the External devices gently in the proper port. 13. Open and close the Laptop gently, otherwise the hinges may break. 14. In case of any problem with the Laptop, register your complaint and approach the nearest service centre i ndicated by ELECT Don's 1. Do not place the Laptop closer or on to any electrical device such as Microwave Oven, TV etc and directly under sunlight. 2. Do not keep any liquid such as water, beverages near Laptop so as to avoid spill over on keyboard.. 3. Do not keep any book or heavy weight items on the Laptop. 4.Never keep the laptop in â€Å"ON† condition in the bed while sleeping. Always ensure that the Laptop is switched off and kept away from the bed before going to sleep. 5. Do not keep more applications / shortcuts on the Desktop (Screen), it may slow down the Speed of the process. Keep mostly working files / applications alone in the Laptop. 6. Do not open too many files at a time. . Do not shut down forcibly by using power button. Turn off the Laptop by proper shut down method. 8. Do not place your finger on the screen. 9. Do not hard press the keys. Use the keyboard gently. 10. Do not use the Power adapter of others Laptops. 11. Never put stapler pin or paper clips into the keyboard 12.

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Jacksonian Era Essay - 721 Words

The Jacksonian Era (1824-1848) Although the â€Å"Age of Jackson† wasn’t a time era, which brought forth a great political, social, or economic freedom and equality to the U.S., it did in fact put our country through a metamorphosis in our political lives of the nation. The start of a new presidency (Jackson’s presidency) was accompanied by huge numbers of Hickoryites (Jacksonian supporters) and official hopefuls. Many of these hopefuls were granted their desire of holding office, which is one of the changes brought into Washington by Andrew Jackson. The major accomplishments of Jackson during his presidency pertain to his rural upbringing and democratic beliefs. To name a couple of Jackson’s memorable accomplishments and decisions not†¦show more content†¦The selection of officials of Jackson was in many cases the return of a financial grant during campaigning. The consideration of the ability to govern, have intelligence and responsibility etc. were ignored in the wake of compensation. Although opposites alike were granted power they were not always for the continuance of democracy. Jackson was the most democratic of any president at that time to come to power. In practically all areas of political application there was the existence of liberal thinking. This was especially apparent in his previously mentioned appointment of officials. Jackson considered the roles of officials fairly simple and could and should be carried out by all people not just the members of the socially and intellectually elite. The belief of complete equality is with out a doubt Jacksonian. Despite this already democratic view, Jackson took it one step further and appointed the illiterate and plain incompetent members of society to office. Tariffs plagued the president also many times, but the most remembered were the â€Å"Tariff of Abominations† in 1828, and the tariff of 1832. South Carolina passed an Ordinance of Nullification, and upset Jackson tremendously. They stated that those tariffs were null and void to South Carolina, and it would be unlawful to collect for duties. They also had the nerve to warn theShow MoreRelatedThe Jacksonian Er The Era Of The United States1930 Words   |  8 PagesThe Jacksonian Era The Jacksonian Era (1824-1841) has been known as the era of the â€Å"common man† primarily because of the acquaintance of democratic government in America with the help of Andrew Jackson. Democrats who favored Jackson believed that their role as a Jacksonian was to protect the individual liberty, the equality of economic opportunity, political democracy, and upholding the rights of the Constitution of the United States. Jackson was initially a general that helped the war effort toRead MoreAndrew Jackson’s ‘Era of the Common Man’ or the ‘Jacksonian Period’ (1824-1845)1100 Words   |  5 Pages Andrew Jackson’s ‘Era of the Common Man’ or the ‘Jacksonian Period’ (1824-1845) starts at his inauguration, and ends as the Civil War begins. Jackson was the first president that was not born into wealth or education, but instead made his own wealth, and taught himself up to a prime education, a ‘self-made man’, as some may say, this and his military history made him the defining figure of his age. Although, he downplayed his past successes to make him more like the ‘common man’, and appeal toRead MoreThe Jacksonian Era3389 Words   |  14 PagesNAME: Brandon Longo ________/55 APUSH Mr. Broggy Chapter 10 The Jacksonian Era, 1824-1845 Directions Answer all of the following learning objectives in writing (hand-written only please). These are to be answered in full sentences not bullet points. Think of this as writing paragraphs for each of these objectives. If additional space is needed, use the back of the page. Make sure that you are including facts, names, specific dates, and ofRead MoreThe Contributions Of The Jacksonian Era1217 Words   |  5 Pagesan Era after him, the Jacksonian Era. Andrew Jackson was unlike the presidents before him, and he was considered the first modern president. I agree that the Jacksonian Era was a pivotal period in American History when the role of the Federal Government and the President were redefined. Many changes occurred during the Jacksonian Era like the issue of slavery, women’s rights, multiple reforms, the many panics the United States went through and voting reforms occurred. During the Jacksonian EraRead MoreThe Rise Of The Jacksonian Era1540 Words   |  7 PagesThe Jacksonian Era was often described as a time of â€Å"democratization of politics† in the United States. However, democracy, at this time, was only defined as equality and justice for white males. There were improvements that benefited the common people, such as universal male suffrage, but these excluded women, Africans, Indians, and the rest of the population in the country. In addition, Andrew Jackson was not very democratic as he violated the Constitution and used the authority of the governmentRead MoreThe Jacksonian Era Essay688 Words   |  3 PagesDBQ The Jacksonian Era is often described as a time when the United States experienced the â€Å"democratization of politics.† Is this accurate? How was democracy defined in this era? In a democracy each and every citizen of the state is supposed to have an equal say in the government. Today everyone has the opportunity to vote and has equal rights with no restrictions to American citizens. On the other hand back in the Jacksonian Era this was different. Before his time this wasn’t necessarily theRead MoreWomen During The Jacksonian Era1740 Words   |  7 PagesWomen throughout the course of history have played numerous roles in society. During the Jacksonian Era, America as a whole was undergoing various changes. Political changes allowed the â€Å"common man† to have a say in government. While the women still lacked the right to vote and be involved in politics by law, they certainly made their presence known. Women were able to influence government through their unwritten social laws. The Petticoat Affair describes perfectly how women made powerful politicalRead MoreEssay about The Jacksonian Era1638 Words   |  7 PagesThree specific ways in which American expansion shaped the Jacksonian period was through the advancement of technology, by way of slavery, and the Indian Removal Act. Jackson used any political and economic means necessary in order to see American frontier regions expand across the nation. Jackson’s Indian Removal policy had some of the most important consequences and paved the way toward American expansion. In the beginning of the Jacksonian era, colonial Americans’ settlements had not yet extended farRead MoreThe Jacksonian Era Of The Common Man1561 Words   |  7 PagesThe Jacksonian period (1824-1841) is widely recognized as the era of the â€Å"common man†. To an extent, this statement is true due to the numerous political advancements that increased the rights of the â€Å"common man†. However, the political developments alone do not form a full picture of this period. In contrast with the progress in the political sphere, the economic developments during this era o ppressed the people as America plunged into the worst financial depression it had seen to that pointRead More Water Transportation in the Jacksonian Era Essay1166 Words   |  5 PagesWater Transportation in the Jacksonian Era Water travel assisted heavily with transportation of goods and people from the American north-east to the west, which would eventually create a separation from the south. Before any canals were even built, there was a great demand for better transportation to and from the west. During this time of exploration, something was necessary in order for settlement to progress. After the canals were built, people living in to north grew exceedingly wealthy

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Chinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart - 1094 Words

Western views of African culture have often been those of disdain. Some books about Africa have set out to change the typical Western views of African culture, but others have upheld these negative views of African culture. Through each of their novels, Alan Paton, Chinua Achebe, and Joseph Conrad approach the topic of African culture and Western views on it differently. Chinua Achebe shows through his book, Things Fall Apart, that he is disapproving of Western views towards African culture. This exchange happens while Okonkwo’s father is being confronted by a man to whom he owes money. â€Å"‘I have kola,’ he announced when he sat down, and passed the disc over to his guest. ‘Thank you. He who brings kola brings life. But I think you ought to break it,’replied Okoye, passing back the disc.‘No, it is for you, I think,’ and they argued like this for a few moments before Unoka accepted the honor of breaking the kola. Okoye, meanwhile, took the lump of chalk, drew some lines on the floor, and then painted his big toe† (5). Achebe does not explain the reasoning behind the customs described in this quote. By doing this, he is trying to make a point about how Western culture is often seen as a type of default culture and that if books about Western culture do not have to explain customs and traditions, t hen he should not have to explain the customs and traditions of this tribe in Nigeria because it the tribe’s culture holds the same amount of validity as Western culture. When theShow MoreRelatedChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1719 Words   |  7 PagesThings fall apart is a classic novel written around the turn of the century, the novel focuses on the protagonist who we can also call a hero, Okonkwo. Okonkwo is a wealthy and respected leader within the Igbo tribe of Umuofia in eastern Nigeria. Strong individual with a passionate belief in all the values and traditions of his people. Chinua Achebe presents Okonkwo as a particular kind of tragic protagonist, a great man who carries the fate of his people. Okonkwo is a man who is inflexible andRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1033 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Chinua Achebe is a famous Nigerian novelist in worldwide. Things fall apart is Chinua Achebe’s first novel published in 1958, the year after Ghana became the first African nation to gain independence. And this novel is one of the first African novels to gain worldwide recognition. (Phil Mongredien, 2010) This novel presents people a story of an African Igbo tribal hero, Okonkwo, from his growth to death. The fate of Okonkwo also indicates the fate of Africa caused by the colonizationRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart883 Words   |  4 Pagesdehumanize the native population and convince themselves that they are helping. Chinua Achebe’s book Things Fall Apart attempts to correct these misguided views of African societies by portraying a more complex culture that values peace, and the art of conversation. Achebe also tries to portray the idea that not all European people they come in contact with are aggressive, and misconstrued in their view of the African societ ies. Achebe tries to show us the value of his society through repeated views into conversationsRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1410 Words   |  6 PagesTeddy Manfre Ms. Blass ENG 209-001 April 24, 2017 Things Fall Apart In 1958, Chinua Achebe a famous Nigerian author publishes one of his most famous novels Things Fall Apart. The novel takes place in a Nigerian village called Umuofia. During the time that this novel is published Nigeria is being criticized by the Europeans for being uncivilized. In response, Achebe uses his brilliance in this novel to express the valued history of his people to his audience. His focus in the novel is on the pre-colonizedRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1015 Words   |  5 PagesIn his novel Things Fall Apart, author Chinua Achebe utilizes his distinctive writing style in order to accurately capture the culture and customs of the Igbo people despite writing his story in a foreign language. Five aspects of Achebe’s style that make his writing unique is the straightforward diction present in dialogue, the inclusion of native parables convey Igbo life authentically, the inclusion of native Igbo words and phrases, detailed descriptions of nature and the usage of figurative languageRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1702 Words   |  7 PagesTitle: Things Fall Apart Biographical information about the author: Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930. He had an early career as a radio host, and later became the Senior Research Fellow at the University of Nigeria. After moving to America, he became an English professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Achebe has won numerous awards for his poetry and fiction, including the Man Booker prize and Commonwealth Poetry Price. He currently teaches at Bard College. Author: Chinua AchebeRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart Essay1347 Words   |  6 PagesCulture is an Important Element of Society Chinua Achebe is the author of when Things Fall Apart while Joseph Conrad authored Heart of Darkness. Conrad and Achebe set their individual titles in Africa; Achebe is an African writer whereas Conrad is Polish-British. The authors draw strength from their backgrounds to validity the authenticity of their fictional novels. Conrad writes from his experiences in the British and French navies while Achebe uses his African heritage. The theme of culture isRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1248 Words   |  5 PagesChris Lowndes Ms. Cook A.P.L.C. 21 October 2015 We Are Family: Hardships in One s Family in Things Fall Apart Specific attributes correlate with each other to help create or not create the ideal strong family. However, through those attributes arise conflicts and major disputes. This issue of trying to achieve and create a strong family is of immense importance in one’s life, especially in Chinua Achebe’s, Things Fall Apart, a milestone in African literature. For instance, the father leaves his legacyRead MoreChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart Essay1682 Words   |  7 Pagescertain degree of the priest class, libation, holidays, creation stories, divine systems of punishments and rewards. In the novel, Things Fall Apart, written by Chinua Achebe, is a story of tragic fall of a protagonist and the Igbo culture. Achebe demonstrates different examples and situations of where an African culture, in the instances of tribal religions, did certain things because of their tradition is and the way they developed into. African cultures pondered life mysteries and articulated theirRead Mo reChinua Achebe s Things Fall Apart1314 Words   |  6 PagesChinua Achebe masterpiece â€Å"Things Fall Apart† (1959) is the classic story of Okonkwo, a young man who strives to be revered by his village and family but because of his own internal character flaws meets his own demise. In the Igbo culture, family traditions are an important narrative throughout the novel. Okonkwo, the protagonist character of this story, begins with many attributes of what would be concluded as a hero with his cultural society. He is hard working, a material provider, feared and

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Adoption by homosexual couples has been a frequent debate...

Adoption by homosexual couples has been a frequent debate issue among foreign countries since the past decade. At the end of 2013, same-sex marriage is officially legalized in sixteen countries including thirty-one cities in the world and is now pending in other 13 places (Marriage Equality around the World). One of the main concerns is whether children raised in homosexual family are socially disadvantaged or psychologically impaired due to the unnatural environment. This essay will firstly address some supportive views towards homosexual adoption then provide the respective opposing arguments to demonstrate the unrighteousness of gay couple adoption. Skeptics claim that existing scientific evidences show that homosexuality is somehow†¦show more content†¦Though it is undeniable that parents’ attitude, care and support are exclusively essential to a child’s development, it is unjustified to assure that homosexual parents are as good as heterosexual ones because men and women indeed process distinctive traits which are solely beneficial to upbringing a child. Men is more masculine thus fathers are generally less tolerant to wrongs due to pride and a sense of justice and children will suffer if they are nurtured only by men. On the other hand, women are generally more emotional and serene due to their inborn motherly protectiveness and thus can help temper the impulses of man and stabilize the upbringing of the kids. Only could children develop correct concepts about gender roles when they are raised in a family consists of a male father and a female mother. Some organizations such as the American Psychological Association and American Medical Association hold an affirmative stand towards same-sex parenting since it is believed that what harm children are prejudice and social intolerance instead of homosexual parenting as it is not wrong nor harmful itself. Despite the fact that same-sex parents mightShow MoreRelatedWomen as Commodity8915 Words   |  36 PagesWOMEN AS COMMODITY Women As Commodity Since ancient times, There people who are being sold just like a mere things sold in a market to be slaves, pimp, and its quiet alarming that even naive child is a victim of this kind of discursive life. Women have been also analyzed to be part of those bundles of things paraded, bidded for, sold, and traded off despite the fact that women are making huge contributions for the development of their countries in different aspects today, still women are beingRead MoreWomen as Commodity8899 Words   |  36 PagesWOMEN AS COMMODITY Women As Commodity Since ancient times, There people who are being sold just like a mere things sold in a market to be slaves, pimp, and its quiet alarming that even naive child is a victim of this kind of discursive life. Women have been also analyzed to be part of those bundles of things paraded, bidded for, sold, and traded off despite the fact that women are making huge contributions for the development of their countries in different aspects today, still women areRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagescollection document in detail, paradox pervades the time span we call the twentieth century, no matter how it is temporally delineated. Never before in history, for example, had so many humans enjoyed such high standards of living, and never had so many been so impoverished or died of malnutrition and disease. If the period from the 1870s is included in a long twentieth century (and perhaps even if it is not), migration served as a mode of escape from oppression and poverty and, in many instances, asRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesthree different roles of HR management. Discuss the three dimensions associated with HR management as a strategic business contributor. Explain why HR professionals and operating managers must view HR management as an interface. Discuss why ethical issues and professionalism affect HR management as a career field. ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  ââ€"  3 HR TRANSITIONS HR Management Contributes to Organizational Success More effective management of human resources (HR) increasingly is being seen as positivelyRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages1: Work/Life Balance at Baxter 25 Working with a Team: Understanding Diversity Issues 25 Learning an HRM Skill: Guidelines for Acting Ethically 26 Enhancing Your Communication Skills 26 ETHICAL ISSUES IN HRM: Invasion of Privacy? 9 WORKPLACE ISSUES: We Are Now Entering the Blogosphere 10 Workforce Diversity 10 The Workforce Today 10 DID YOU KNOW?: Chief Diversity Officer 11 How Diversity Affects HRM 11 WORKPLACE ISSUES: Diversity Awareness 12 What Is a Work/Life Balance? 12 DID YOU KNOW?: LookingRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 Pages. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 265 12—Other Issues in Human Resource Management . . . 267 Human Resources Policies and Procedures . . . . . . . . . 268 Career Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 269 Plateauing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 272 Mentoring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 274 Health and Safety Issues in the Library . . . . . . . . . . . . 275 Physical Stress . .